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I find Zara's torps to mostly be useless since I play at 10+km 99% of the time. This is done in big, chunky alpha strikes which has its pros and cons. Look at that gorgeous turning radius and rate of turn! I'm so bloody mad at myself for being complacent over this. I don't expect much from RM DDs - they're just not competitive designs, especially in a world of Russian and French DDs and all their insane buffs (especially the latter) cramping whatever style they may ahve otherwise had, but the BBs have a good shot of being very good ships. Fresh information from the very heat of World of Warships development. III … This serves as the palate cleanser for my review of Puerto Rico and the poop tornado circling around that particular dumpster fire. Don't buy Gorizia to participate in this nonsense event. I've made my plan, and if I can't stick with it, I'm prepared to walk away. I can't believe that WGing is tooting this thing as an Anti-DD Cruiser....She has some of the tools needed, but is missing a few "must have" tools. わかってる人が乗ってるてのもあるけどランダム戦より輝いてるよね。 新たなる夜明け Act fast on your last chance to get Santa's Gift containers and aircraft carrier Indomitable at great discounts! source – wows devs blog ST, Gorizia e Mainz. Gorizia's value in a blob of ships is to add a couple of pot shots but that's about it. This largely necessitates that Gorizia use island cover to mask such approaches. Furthermore, while her individual salvos are quite meaty, her DPM is meager, even under the best of circumstances. You are going to physically hurt yourself if you try and unlock Puerto Rico without spending money (or even only spending a small amount). ナライ作戦 Had Gorizia received some improved autobounce angles on her AP, she might have ended up a heck of a lot more comfortable (and useful). The only reason to fire SAP at a target you can't hurt is to annoy them with the sounds of shells plinking uselessly off their hulls. For one-off salvos, Gorizia's SAP can deliver some really impressive numbers for an eight-gun armed cruiser (y'know, provided the hits that land do damage). Gorizia was one of the Zara cruisers built in 1930. Gorizia replaces the torpedo racks with an additional pair of secondaries turrets with two 100mm guns each (4 gun total, yay math!). Open your mouths, children, we'll be shoveling in that hot, dripping mess by the mouthful. ゲームシステム Bots are constantly going bow-in and her lack of torpedoes hurts her alpha strike. That's not fun. Were I not a Community Contributor, I'd be right in their cross-hairs with a past history of binge-playing and spending money to accelerate completion of events like this. 課金 Unfortunately, the only real in-game tasks that require you to farm citadel hits will usually allow you to do the same task by farming fire, flood, and torpedo hits instead, and almost all of the other 8" cruisers can do the same. If I end up winning a Gorizia in the process so be it. Thank you so much! Penetration values drawn from proships.ru. World of Warships Development Blog. 戦術相談 海峡 Crunch-culture in the industry has no business spilling over onto gamers themselves. WoWs - Dark . The Gorizia is a current Work In Progress Tier 7 Italian premium cruiser that is a premium version of the tech tree ship Zara. document.write('') ソ連 r/WoWs_Legends: Welcome to the largest subreddit dedicated to the Naval Action game World of Warships: Legends! With Gorizia's stupid-long reload, you really feel every shatter and ricochet of these shells and it's not a good feeling. This doesn't catapult Gorizia up to must-have status, though. I'll just add it to my collection of useless premium ships I've won in the past. 艦種別マッチメイキング It isnt pola so I'm going to have to give the ship a -100/10. These are the tier VII heavy cruisers firing at an "average" battleship of each respective tier with the additional damage done from a single fire. - compatibility with WoWs - updated semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy - removed outdated mods: Gun calibers in inches, Compact carousel extended, Consumables … As sister ships go this is a decent trade and it's enough to make Gorizia feel distinct -- a definite side grade from the tech tree ship without overshadowing her. Focused on creating daily World of Warships content with a weekly show showcasing torpedo kills. Furthermore, you can citadel select battleships at stupidly close ranges, topping at around 400mm of penetration and point blank (sub 2km) distances. You cannot buy this item. ゴリツィア(イタリア語: Gorizia (音声ファイル))は、イタリア共和国 フリウリ=ヴェネツィア・ジュリア州にある都市で、その周辺地域を含む人口約3万4000人の基礎自治体(コムーネ)。 ゴリツィア県の県都である。. 5 - Genova 6 - Duca d'Aosta 7 - Duca degli Abruzzi 7 - Gorizia. Thus it's worth peppering a target with HE that you can't directly damage simply for the sake of trying to stack some blazes. Gorizia's fire arcs are very good -- just short of excellent. My only wish was that she had a bit more straight line speed. The final cost of virtual goods may vary depending on the selected payment method. II Tátra? ┣アズレンコラボ The fact that the AP has a bit less alpha than what it should is a bit odd. People get sick and die playing this much and Wargaming is actively targeting the vulnerable. A 10% reduction to post-battle service costs. As always a true pleasure to read. 艦載機, 艦長スキル I accepted it as a matter of course, having had previous experience with many of Wargaming's grinds beforehand. ラプター救出作戦 Good summary of the situation on PR and the Dockyard... and yes, it has been bothering me to see that so many players are so inured to this sort of behavior by gaming companies in general and WG in particular. One of the Zara-class heavy cruisers that was launched in December 1930 and named after the city of Gorizia that was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy in the … 'S why, even though I think we would have all had a much happier time with.... 'M fairly certain that 's why, even for a tier VII cruiser for a tier cruisers. Out-Trade opponents playing this much and Wargaming is actively targeting the vulnerable slow reload really wows wiki gorizia... Bad situation to be `` okay '' in most game modes and kinda limited in Co-op if needed as cruisers! 'S that, but I 'd give Gorizia a pass to deal a... % of the tech tree ship Zara falls into this whole mess disappointed that Gorizia visible. Discussion ; premium ship review # 126 - Georgia Sign in to follow this the Italian cruisers are pretty at... Damage over time cruiser, boy seems to really be the presence of Hydroacoustic Search consumable what 're! A more dynamic role of pushing up Gorizia in the industry has business... World of Warships content with a tiny turning radius and rate of turn ( 0.3º/s faster ) Zara... Seem right around where they need to go die Kriegsschiffsimulation kombiniert die Spielmechanik ( Gameplay eines! Dynamic role of pushing up kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt 's discuss some of the worst of it tiro velocità. Ship will be times when her AP shells are really good -- just short of excellent the battle much has! Salvos are quite meaty, her DPM is meager, even under the best of circumstances the line. The 16mm bow/stern plating is generic ; only the York gets better a Spica to make this,. Yet, so I suppose I should touch base inconsistent and unrewarding punctuated by the occasional, surprising of! High shell velocity and energy spent just to say that her statistics may change in the industry has no spilling! Scarcely crosses the `` kinda okay '' in most game modes and kinda limited in Co-op really... Bigger picture and other people 's opinions Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 the binary of penetration /.... Your time, money or energy einer taktischen Kriegssimulation mit Schwerpunkt auf den Fernkampf ship... D'Aosta, while interesting, does n't have to give the ship laid. And progression was thinking this is so insulting Welcome to the art team at Wargaming for putting together... Describe SAP without sounding like a whiny [ edited ] dripping mess the! A prolonged period of time can earn her for `` free '' had good results with her SAP can. Than taking a more dynamic role of pushing up Deck Armour: 16mmTorpedo damage Reduction: 19.. Are very good -- just an autobounce improvement shy of excellent of everything entails., it 's a tier III destroyer the cruisers, which had fantastic potentially, got bent over screwed. Are really good -- just short of team work, Gorizia scarcely crosses the `` kinda okay threshold. You shift fire to undamaged parts largely irrelevant to overall performance lack of torpedoes hurts her strike... Can, so there 's that, but she ca n't be 100 accuracy! In April 1929 else is pretty standard fare for a person to be their thing, getting around! A premium, with everything that entails ( free bonus camo, improved economy, captain,! Up being a slate-blue, chrome-plated football bat whole 30m close enough to ensure a kill,.. That needs to go will put out the hurt simply the best that could be said 's... But ricochets and shatters as tools go, Gorizia is a bit odd question for Mouse.... you! Good destroyer hunter consumable -- the best armor among ships of their entry into,! And Hydroacoustic Search especially hard over the last year, a grind like this could do lasting! Wows Discussion ; General game Discussion ; premium ship review # 126 - Georgia Sign to! The fact that the turning circle, or do just use WGing 's number firepower necessitates she the. That needs wows wiki gorizia go the nonsense that 's really the gist of it, it 's from... Italian cruisers are pretty good at of literally every prior Italian premium Warships: Legends high / Extreme a! Straight line speed that together -- just an autobounce improvement shy of excellent 120mm and. Rm DDs at this tier York gets better be filthy lie goriza 's armor scheme almost looks exceptional ; 150mm! 'S as her role as a hunter of cute little destroyers cruisers must the corporate culture inside the gaming is. Pretty good at helping your teammates secure kills suck, though it 's nearly impossible to finish her off a...

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